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A secret kept for more than 500 years!

A secret kept for more than 500 years!


Nanuka,“The one with young hands”. 

There was a huge fire surrounding a small community and people that weren’t able to escape flames, died or got second and third-degree burns. This happened in a territory that today we know as Mexico, but in which there were no medical resources as we have nowadays.Then, people just had one person to ask for help: Nanuka.

Nanuka was an elderly woman with long gray hair, that complimented her looks and fame of being a wise and mystical Curandera (healer). She had the ancestral knowledge of using remedies provided by mother nature.

As soon as Nanuka  was told what happened, she rushed out to the field, gathering Agave plants (from where Tequila is obtained), Sabila (known today as Aloe Vera) and pure bee’s honey. She prepared a special cream to treat the burns, but she didn’t have too much time to waste.  

She arrived with three big Casseroles and as she was walking from one person to the other, completely submerging her hands and applying the remedy, burn to burn.

Days went by and people recover from their burns, but something happened to Nanuka, that wasn’t planned or expected. Her hands lost the look of belonging to an elderly woman. It just happens that the cream cured burns, but also acted on regenerating skin cells.

After that day Nanuka was known as “The one with the young hands”.

That formula passed from mother to daughter through generations and a few years ago “Tequila Skin”, a cream formulated from that recipe, was launched into the market. It is a solution with antioxidant effects, with a Fat-Free unique moisture feeling, that you will love.

We invite you to order this product and experience what Nanuka invented almost 500 years ago.  

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