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Is Honey Skin's New Miracle Worker?

Is Honey Skin's New Miracle Worker?


Honey is most commonly known as a delicious treat or topping for us to indulge in every now and then, but what some don’t always hear about is its incredible benefits and skin-saving properties that can truly heal your face. Loaded with a vast amount of vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizing components, honey is an amazingly buzz-worthy food that can provide you with the remedial powers your skin has always desired.

There are two main skin issues that people of all ages tend to experience at some point in life; the frustrations that come with acne and the inevitably visible signs of aging. While those on the hunt for a solution to these concerns continue to find the most expensive, unnatural, and ineffective skincare products, others can slather on a bit of this affordable, easily accessible, natural sweetener that is honey and offer their skin a lot of love and care.  


Whether you’re a teenager or adult, severe acne can hit your face like a ton of bricks, leaving you desperately searching for anything to clear up your skin. The benefits of applying honey to the skin can lead to rapid, positive, acne-clearing results, as it contains powerful antibacterial properties that can both cleanse skin and prevent future breakouts. Honey can keep the deepest of pores extremely fresh and clean, as the enzymes within can act as a gentle, yet effective addition to your skincare regime, making it a perfect, natural option for those with sensitive skin.


Honey can also do wonders when it comes to irritated and inflamed problem spots on the face, as it acts as a swell-reducing and healing agent, causing a decrease in the appearance of acne. It’s important not to pick and pry at pesky pimples and zits, but honey can aid in calming down your skin, including its overall redness, if you do happen to give into the urge to touch your face.


In all, sufferers of acne, whether mild or severe, can find some relief with the use of honey on skin. It’s unbelievable healing abilities can truly make a difference in the amount of breakouts you get, as well as the remedial process of the acne you already have.




Visible signs of aging on the skin are frustratingly unavoidable, but adding honey to your daily skincare routine can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and major dehydration.


As we age, the levels of collagen and moisture decrease within our bodies, leading to that lack of plumpness and bounce we once had at a younger age. Honey draws moisture from the air and into your skin, aiding in that moisture retention that is necessary for anti-aging results.


Along with its intense moisturizing properties, honey’s exfoliating complex can rejuvenate skin cells, promoting a greater amount cell turnover. A gentle exfoliator for the most sensitive of skin types, honey calmly scrubs away damaged and dead skin cells, creating new, revitalized cells that can have your skin looking and feeling fresh, hydrated, renewed, and youthful.


Overall, honey has many benefits, whether you use it on your skin or just snack on some during the day. With its inclusion of natural ingredients, enzymes, and antioxidants, adding honey to your skincare routine can truly make a difference regarding your personal skin concern. A great option to consider when on the hunt for a honey-infused product is the Tequila Skin Age Protection Serum, created with aloe, agave extract, and of course, honey. With the struggles of aging, acne, and dehydration within skin, using a skincare product consisting of the miracle ingredient that is honey can transform your face into one you can feel confident in.

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